July 2019



Portraits of research moments


The second leg of my fieldwork has now been completed as I look back and reflect on the summer time of my research in Lesvos and Athens….



June 4, 2019


Graduate Seminar at Panteion University, on Theory- Praxis- Politics: ‘ the specific way of presenting your research process was inspiring in terms of the mesh of basic concepts and methodological tools’ the organizer wrote to me amongst others after the seminar.





June 5, 2019

Back to Lesvos, feels strange but familiar this time






June 6, 2019

Opening ceremony of the conference on ‘Social Sciences Today’ at the Municipal Theatre of Mytilini. There is a multicultural chorus with songs from all over the world at the end of the ceremony and in it I can see Warda, one of my interviewees, singing. Her friend Erika, who I also interviewed, is also in the audience. I talk to them after the end of the ceremony. Warda is happy, as she has got asylum, Erika is still waiting, but they are both beautiful and look serene.



June 7, 2019

First full day of the conference and my paper is at 2pm, just after lunch. This time the topic is on methodologies:

Life Histories and Archival Research in the Social Sciences




June 11, 2019


Last full day in Mytilini and I had arranged to visit the UNHCR office. The meeting is called off at the last moment. This is a day of tragedy for Lesvos, 7 people were drowned including 2 children:



June 10, 2019

Coffee with Linda in the same café that she was the translator of an interview. I am so happy to see her again.



June 19, 2019

Guest speaker of the ‘Feminist No Borders’ summer short course. My intervention was on

‘Feminist Pedagogies of Listening’


Please reference as : Maria Tamboukou (2019) ‘Diffractions, July 2019, https://mariatamboukou.org/revisiting-the-nomadic-subject-2/reflections-and-diffractions/july-2019/