The Real

The non-philosophical process of describing and rigorously explaining a reality is one that observes the effects of the real, reacts to the ‘workings of the real’ which resides behind the conceptual or discursive phenomenon that represents it, and builds its own syntax, which is then subjected to the real. (Kolozova, Cut of the Real, 3).


Embarking on the theoretical journey of Francois Laruelle’s ‘non-philosophy’, Katerina Kolozova has provoked us to challenge philosophical thought’s colonization of the real; instead she has urged us to approach the subject (amongst other concepts), not as a construed figure or even map of positions that can only think itself, but rather as a radical concept, ‘an instance’ that can enable thought to align with the real, instead of absorbing it in the totality of any system of linguistic representation and/or meaning.


Please reference as: Maria Tamboukou (2018) ‘The Real’,